Published in PIK's June print issue

PIK is a wonderful magazine highlighting the work of all the skilled photographers in Korea.  Every month selections are carefully made for the online magazine.  Luckily after months of gained momentum, the magazine has gone to print and one of my favorite photos was chosen for the opening spread.  Seen here.


This woman had a literal golden smile.  As she knelled down to speak with me the golden linings of her graying teeth gleamed in the Geojo island sunset.  She talked.  I nodded.  I used one of my few Korean phrases and she didn't answer, but smiled again and sat down in this position you see.  She lifted her chin, gently sat down her hands, and let me take my time.  I will never forget the ten minutes I spent with her, and I am elated her posture will live on in print forever.


An online version of the magazine is also available here: