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Capturing the Magic: 5 Tips for Getting Stunning Engagement Photos

you think of an engagement photoshoot, what do you envision? You might see a beautiful sunrise peeking over the beach as you and your loved one embrace one another. It may also feature both of you having fun with the arrangement.

Either way, you want your photos to look amazing and timeless. It wouldn't be right for such important photos to be out of focus or badly lit. It's even worse if there are people walking about in the background of the shot.

Here are five tips to get stunning Asheville engagement photos.

1. Hire a Professional with the Right Equipment

The very first tip when arranging an engagement photo shoot is to hire a professional who has good camera equipment. Even though modern smartphones can take photos, they can't always take the best ones.

Find someone who has an actual camera with multiple lenses, a tripod, and maybe even reflectors. All of these things can help you take a better photo in imperfect conditions.

2. Plan Out Your Session

Next, take the time to plan out your outdoor photo shoot in advance.

What kind of photoshoot poses look the most interesting? Do you know what kind of engagement photo makeup you're going to wear? Have you found the right time and location to take your photos?

All of these things will help save you time setting up, which is important if you're doing the shoot outside with limited light.

3. Pick Somewhere Isolated

Nothing ruins an engagement photo session like people wandering into a photo session you paid for. This unfortunately is one of the risks you take if you go to a popular location like a theme park or in the city.

Instead, try to find some more isolated or remote areas where you'll have some privacy. Go there on a weekday when most people will be at work if you can. Some locations will even let you rent out the space to take photos.

4. Go Candid

Don't feel like you need to set up every single shot to look perfect. You'll want a good mixture of candid photos included with more professional ones. You may be surprised to find that the candid ones are your favorite of the lot.

5. Arrange for the Best Lighting

The last tip you'll need is to plan out what time you go do your shoot so you can get the best lighting possible.

For example, noon is great for consistent lighting. However, it's also relatively flat lighting that won't give your photos much depth.

In comparison, evening lighting provides some of the most interesting colors. The downside is that the light goes quickly, so you'll need to work just as fast.

Get the Best Asheville Engagement Photos

Nothing goes better with a wedding save-the-date card than your beautiful engagement photos. These photos should serve as a sneak peek into how the rest of your lives will look.

If you need someone to take your Asheville engagement photos, look no further than Nathan Rivers Chesky Photography. Reach out if you're interested in booking a photoshoot or if you have any questions.


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