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3 Do's for your Do it Yourself Elopement

Greenville SC Elopement Photographer

Amanda and Morgan celebrated with a Zoom Elopement just north of Greenville, South Carolina at The Hotel Domestique in Traveler's Rest. As avid Bicyclers this location was a dream! The Vineyard post wedding ceremony photos are some of my favorite!

Let's hear about 3 Do's for your Elopement Wedding Day when you're keeping things small, but are still celebrating big!

1) Def get dressed up.

Let’s do it up! This is still a huge day, no matter how small the guest list is. You are still making a lifelong commitment and voicing your promises. When I say dress up, I don’t mean you must go unzip the tux bag in the back of the closet. But dress up your way. Take this day as an opportunity to get that pair of shoes you’ve always wanted but are perhaps a bit impractical, or a tie that screams look at this flippin’ guy!

2) Hire a photographer that understands elopements.

Elopements mean I am a bigger part of your day, as I will be spending most of the time with you! Make sure you find someone you are a good match with not only aesthetically but socially. A small elopement is a vastly different energy from having 200 dancing family members and friends around. Find someone who can walk beside you on your elopement day, and lead when necessary.

3) Big Reception to come?

Save some of those special moments for that day. If you wish to have the ceremony experience at a later date, prepare your vows to be shared in front of friends and family. These things are important to hold for those you love to witness.

Let's see some of those details and cute moments around Hotel Domestique!


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