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Where to propose on The Biltmore Estate: Top 4 locations to capture the surprise. With helpful Tips!

Are you planning to propose at The Biltmore Estate, looking for an Asheville photographer, and wondering where the best spots to pop the question? Look no further. Here are the top 4 best locations for your engagement as chosen by an Asheville Proposal Photographer who has planned and executed tried and perfected surprise proposals for hundreds of couples.

engaged couple proposal photography at The Biltmore Estate

While there are countless perfect places on the estate to propose, here are the top four favorites as chosen by hundreds of my couples:

#1 - Propose on The Upper Lawn above The Biltmore House

engaged couple proposal photography at The Biltmore Estate

This spot for your surprise proposal is a top favorite for many reasons:

- Privacy! Up at the top of this hill on the upper lawn above The Biltmore house, near the Statue of Diana, there are very few people walking around. Take your time, find your spot, and say what you have planned to say without interruptions! Your photographer will be higher up the hill hiding amongst the statue.

- The view! This is the number one spot because not only do you have the perfect framing of the trees leading to the front of the largest home in America, but also the Blue Ridge Mountains peak over the top of the frame. If you would like to propose in Asheville with the Mountains in the background as well as this historic home, this. is. your. spot!

- Game Plan! Your native Asheville photographer has a tried and true game plan ready for you to check out. With maps and directions from the exact parking area you should start at, these game plans will walk you, step by step, through this once in a lifetime moment. So, without questions, you nail it!

#2 - Where to propose on The Biltmore Estate: The Tennis Lawn

engaged couple proposal photography at The Biltmore Estate

The Tennis Lawn just on the south end of The Biltmore House is the next spot on our list for the best places to propose on this beautiful estate in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The natural colors of the perfectly manicured lawn and gardens surrounding the lawn create the perfect frame for your proposal. The Biltmore House and its iconic architecture is still visible, displaying your location, but the focus is on you and your partner!

#3 - Propose at The Pergola at The Biltmore Estate

engagement proposal photographer at The Biltmore Estate

Especially in the spring and summer, this spot is full of color and vibrancy. However, even in the winter, as seen above, this classic location has more leading lines than you could ever wish for! This is one of my personal favorite locations for your proposal and will definitely be a stop on your subsequent engagement photo session, no matter where you decide to pop THE question!

#4 The Lagoon along the French Broad River

engagement proposal photographer at The Biltmore Estate

As far as having a secluded space to propose at The Biltmore Estate, the lagoon is your best bet! This location is a bit further away from the house, and is framed by so many trees and The Biltmore House up on the hill in the background. The number one spot for privacy! For your proposal photography on the estate grounds this is quickly becoming a new favorite. After your tour of the house, you will drive down to the location ( exact spot will be provided by your engagement photographer) and find this secluded spot and have it all to yourselves.

Of course, there are many many places to photograph your surprise proposal here at The Biltmore Estate. AND no matter which place you choose, your photographer ( Nathan Rivers Chesky ) will guide you through the process with a customized game plan including some helpful reminders and tips which will be personalized to your exact day and ideas but include:

  • Stopping in the spot and asking your partner to take a selfie. ( This gets everyone camera ready and signals your photographer that this is the moment )

  • Dress nicely, preferably in neutrals or basics without words, labels, or excessive patterns.

  • Tell your partner you have a house tour starting after your meeting time to keep everyone on time and explore the area you will be proposing.

  • If it's raining, use an umbrella (clear or solid black) for a romantic touch.

  • Take your time when proposing to capture multiple frames and avoid people in the background.

  • Maintain good posture, especially when down on one knee.

  • Text a recent photo of you both to help the photographer recognize you.

  • Reach out via text to set up a time for a chat before the proposal if needed.

  • Check in with the photographer via text to ensure they are in place and ready.

  • Be present and trust that the photographer has everything under control.

Note: Contact the photographer at 828-776-3629 if the phone link doesn't work.

Here are some other great spots and locations we will photograph during your subsequent engagement shoot following the proposal. Including: The conservatory, the biltmore gardens, the front lawns and the south terrace.

Looking forward to helping you plan and capture the perfect proposal at The Biltmore Estate. Reach out below :)


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